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Aspermont Research and Intelligence is a dedicated business unit running in parallel with the globally-recognised Mining Journal and publications, and the full Aspermont media brand portfolio. The Mining Journal Research Report series is delivered by the Mining Journal Intelligence team. The series includes a growing roster of annual reports, each focused on a key discussion points for the mining sector.

Technology and stakeholder influences are reshaping the workplace, while the skills gap has put the industry’s ability to keep pace with these changes at the required rate into question.  

23 August 2019

The Mining Journal Project Pipeline Handbook presents the methodology behind the database of development projects, along with a cross-section of assets from within our growing universe of coverage.

07 June 2019

The mining world’s first global map of an evolving supply landscape includes an exclusive listing of the top 100 METS (mining equipment, technology and services) companies and their US$85 billion of revenues...

01 May 2019

2019 Edition:Track emerging trends and changes in investor attitudes with the Mining Journal's Annual Global Finance Report

14 December 2018

2018 EDITION: A comprehensive annual review of mining risk, including a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction ratings system and an assessment of general business and operating risks and trends.

28 September 2018

A comprehensive review of the industry's readiness to take on the challenges of today, and tomorrow.

29 June 2018

A comprehensive review of the financing landscape for resources companies.

13 March 2018

Add a new layer of intelligence to your investment decisions

01 November 2017